Digital Archives Research Center (DARC)



NameAffiliation / PositionRole / Specialization
Mazumi Mitani(Unit B.) Professor,Faculty of Letters,Department of Buddhist Studies*Research SupervisorBuddhist Studies in the Content of Buddhist Literary Sources (Buddhist Cultural Studies and Old Manuscript Studies)

Deputy Director

NameAffiliation / PositionRole / Specialization
Asako Soga(Unit A.) Associate Professor,Faculty of Advanced Science and Technology,Intelligent Media Informatics CourseInvestigation of exhibition methods using 3DCG and body movements and exhibition information representation (Human Informatics).

Researcher (Full-time Teacher in Ryukoku University)

Unit A.

NameAffiliation / PositionRole / Specialization
Akitoshi KataokaProfessor,Faculty of Advanced Science and Technology,Intelligent Media Informatics CourseStudy of exhibition guides using spot sound field reproduction, research on methods of opening cultural heritage and academic materials to the public (sound and acoustic signal processing).
Yoshinobu TonomuraProfessor,Faculty of Advanced Science and Technology,Intelligent Media Informatics CourseCreation of ambient spaces that create reality through interactive experiences (Intelligent Informatics).
Masahito ShibaAssistant Professor,Faculty of Advanced Science and Technology,Intelligent Media Informatics Course*Steering Committee memberInvestigation of methods for structuring archive systems for exhibition information services (Computer Science).
Keiji OgawaProfessor,Faculty of Advanced Science and Technology,Mechanical Engineering and Robotics CourseInvestigation of cross-modality digital archiving with 3D micro-shape measurement data (Production Engineering and Machining Science).
Masakazu MoriLecturer,Faculty of Advanced Science and Technology,Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Course*Steering Committee memberInvestigation of cross-modality digital archiving with pigment and material data measurement (material properties, thin film synthesis).
Manabu FujiwaraProfessor,Faculty of Advanced Science and Technology,Course of Materials ChemistryInvestigation of cross-modality digital archiving through colour data measurement and analysis (Instrumental Analytical Chemistry).

Unit B.

NameAffiliation / PositionRole / Specialization
Takashi IrisawaProfessor,Faculty of Letters,Department of Buddhist StudiesContent Studies in Buddhist Art and Archaeological Materials (Buddhist Cultural Studies and Buddhist Art).
Kazushi IwaoAssociate Professor,Faculty of Letters,Department of HistoryContent Studies in Buddhist Literary Sources (History of the East, Tibetan Historiography).
Ryugo MatsuiProfessor,Faculty of International Studies,Department of Intercultural CommunicationContent Studies on Minakata Kumagusu-related resources. (Comparative Literature and Culture)
Reiichi MiuraAssociate Professor,Faculty of Agriculture,Department of Bioresource ScienceContent Studies on Plant-Related Material Content (Plant Protection Science).
Yuko NakataAssociate Professor,Faculty of Agriculture,Department of Agri-Food System*Steering Committee memberContent Studies in Historical Documentation (Asian History).

Researcher (Full-time Teacher in Ryukoku Museum)

NameAffiliation / PositionRole / Specialization
Shumpei IwaiAssociate Professor,Ryukoku MuseumCooperation in the specific presentation of various contents and multifaceted exhibition techniques (Buddhist archaeology).
Tomoko IwataAssociate Professor,Ryukoku Museum*Steering Committee memberCooperation in the specific presentation of various contents and multifaceted exhibition techniques (Indian Buddhist Studies).

Visiting Researcher

NameAffiliation / PositionRole / Specialization
Kazuyuki EnamiEmeritus Professor,Ryukoku UniversityAnalysis of paper quality (cultural heritage science and materials engineering).
Yoshihiro OkadaEmeritus Professor and Research Fellow,Ryukoku UniversityPromotion of digital preservation and internet publication of documents (information processing).
Chao-jung CHINGAssociate Professor, The Hakubi Center for Advanced Research/The Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto UniversityResearch on Buddhist culture in Kucha, decipherment research and paper analysis of non-Kanji materials.
Satoshi HashiguchResearcher, Ritsumeikan-Global Innovation Research Organization, Ritsumeikan UniversityDesign of virtual reality experiences combining tactile sensations (Virtual Reality Human Interface).
Zhenfen WangDirector, Lvshun Museum, ChinaSupervision of research at the Lvshun Museum.
MENGONI, Luisa ElenaHead of Asian and African Collections,The British LibraryResearch supervision of the International Dunhuang Project (Research on the Contents of Cultural Heritage and Scientific Materials).


NameAffiliation / PositionRole / Specialization
Hirotoshi OgiharaResearcherResearch Center for World Buddhist Cultures,Ryukoku UniversityDecipherment studies of non-Kanji Buddhist literature.
Heakyoung KIMConservator-restorer of cultural property paintings and calligraphic works at Sakata Bokujudo Corporation. Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Heritage Conservation and Restoration, Graduate School of Cultural Heritage, Korea National University of Culture Heritage.Paper analysis of ancient Korean print materials.